Studio production app

As the world’s leading independent advertising production agency, Wellcom Worldwide create print, digital and video media in Europe, Asia, Australasia, and the Americas. I worked with Wellcom to redevelop their bespoke production management application which is used throughout the company.

The original application Wellcom had created tracked job progress and budgets, approved and delivered media, and reported financial data. Over twelve years of development they had found it more challenging to add requested features due to technology change. In addition to added functionality requests users wanted a better experience from the app.

I worked with Wellcom’s software solution team to understand the app's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Using my experience in design management I brought ideas to the product planning stage of the project. An outcome of the analysis allowed us to understand and define what users meant by wanting a better user experience. We decided the app needed a rewrite using modern technology and standards, a specification was written and wireframes produced for consultation with the company.

Project and job lists are based on the concept of flight control strips.

The original app deals with significant amounts of data presented in grid layouts, specifically on list views. I came up with ideas to present this information in a more structured way that would help users navigate information. I used the concept of flight progress strips used by air traffic controllers. General information about a job, including a traffic light system, is presented on the left half of the strip. Specific information about the job is presented in panels on the right half. The visibility of each panel can be set via user permissions, for instance the finance panels might only be visible to project managers and finance staff.

Feedback from users discovered an increasing need to access the app using different devices. I planned and designed a responsive grid so information could viewed on phone and tablet devices, or different window sizes for users on notebooks and desktops.

A requirement Wellcom had was to show the journey a job had taken from being booked in to being completed and invoiced. For many jobs the journey is known and predictable, however other jobs have an unknown number of iterations and approvals. We created a system that allowed users to create job types and configure production stages.

Talking to users we found they didn’t always need to view a large form full of inputs. An example given was when adding a contact to a company then just viewing the mandatory information was sufficient. I added an option to view the full form if desired.

To help developers on the team I created design guidelines which included colour palette, layout, and icon usage. This has resulted in a consistent user interface as the app has been developed.