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With 7,000 stores worldwide Tesco needed a central place to keep design standards and share media assets.

Tesco dashboard

Having access to identity guidelines is essential for brand consistency, often time is lost locating documentation and more time checking if they are the latest version. Tesco’s vision was to have all guidelines accessible to both employees and external users in one place. As one of Britain’s biggest advertisers Tesco also wanted to communicate what media assets had been produced.

Tesco dashboard menu detail

Working for Tesco’s software solution company I was involved in deciding how to present a vast amount of information in a way that users would find helpful and logical. A favourite tool I use for this process is Lucidchart to visualise the structure.

I created high-fidelity visuals in Sketch and interactive prototypes in InVision. We were the first team to use Tesco's new Digital Design Language which was launched just before this project started.

Tesco dashboard log in views

Feedback from Tesco’s Design Lead and project stakeholders was captured using InVision and in turn the prototypes became an essential communication tool with software developers.