Audit trail app

As providers of insurance and consumer credit products British Gas needed to show the journeys marketing campaigns had taken.

British Gas had identified within their many business areas that there was considerable variance in workflows and processes. Various productivity tools were being used for collaboration and media approvals which was making it difficult to conduct audits. A single system was needed to show they were not in breach of rules set by financial regulators. An off-the-shelf product that covered everything British Gas needed in one system didn’t exist so a bespoke solution was needed.

I worked with a technology company that creates bespoke software solutions. An extensive discovery stage had been commissioned and culminated in a detailed functional design specification. Working with both the software team and British Gas' design agency my involvement in the project was to create high-fidelity visuals based on supplied wireframes and brand guidelines. These were presented for discussion and feedback with all the project stakeholders.

Following approval of the visuals I was asked to create the front-end code templates, writing them directly in the software team's ASP.NET development environment. This approach ensured the designs were implemented correctly and saved significant time in reworking code to match approved designs.

The finished application shows the complete process a marketing campaign has taken and can be scrutinised from initial brief to final output.